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Warehouse Management with IOchain

Simplify the processes for your warehouse management with minimal effort.

Supply Chain Management with IOchain

IOchain enables efficient data collection for warehouse management and is fully integrated with SAP ERP.

The IOchain warehouse management system simplifies data collection for warehouse management, from goods receipt via in-stock processes to delivery. The direct integration with SAP ERP processes the flow of quantities and values ​​in real time. The data is transmitted to SAP directly upon input and validated by the corresponding SAP ERP application.

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When developing IOchain, we focused on a sleek and easy-to-understand interface right from the start. This eliminates the learning effort for the users completely. The operation is based on the user interface of iOS and thus facilitates the entry into the relevant functions considerably.

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We have extremely automated functions. Thus, no additional transactions, e.g. the confirmation of transfer orders in SAP® ERP is made more. The goods inventory can be carried out completely by scanner device at the storage location level.

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The application features in IOchain are based on the look and feel of iOS. Therefore, the data acquisition can be done intuitively.
During the development, we carried out numerous practice-related application tests with warehouse staff and were able to design the processes in a practice-oriented manner using the feedbacks.

The functions of IOchain in detail

Currently we deliver IOchain with the following functions. All basic functions are included in the package. If you want additional or customized processes, we can implement them in IOchain in a short time.

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    Goods receipt for purchase order

    Mobile entry of goods receipts for ordering and confirming transfer order

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    Warehouse Management

    Query of material and storage bins.
    Material transfers in one step

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    Handling Unit Management

    Direct release or blocking of handling units

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    Add hoc and key date inventory for storage bins

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    Picking and packing of deliveries as well as subsequent transport processing

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    Label printing

    Label printing for material and storage bins

Industry standard hardware for the use of IOchain

With Linea Pro's low-cost, high-stability industry-standard scan sleeves, we can ensure the highest quality and security in data collection. The hardware has already been used by many customers in various industries worldwide for years in daily use.

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    Linea Pro 5 MS 2D

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    Nylon Holster Shoulder Strap

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    5 Unit Charger

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    Brother Ruggejet RJ4040-K - 4" Mobile Printer